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Indoor School

When the weather is really horrid we have a (20m by 40m) indoor school next to the stable block. It is weather proof to all but the severest of storms, although the noise of the rain on the roof can get interesting!. It is used for all types of lessons, but especially the nervous beginners and, on occasions, the RDA. To combat the dust we have a sprinkler system and it has good halogen lights for those dark winter months. When the weather is fine and you want a bigger area then we have an Outdoor school.

Rascal in the Indoor
         School Rascal in the Indoor School
Note also
Indoor Rain!
Make sure that you turn the sprinklers off several minutes before you ride as they take time to stop dripping.
Alternative uses
During the winter we can use the indoor school for horses that need to be indoors (illness etc) that do not like the enclosed boxes.
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