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Would people always ensure that the feed shed door is closed when they have finished. Thanks!
People have been switching the electric fence and not switching it back on. There is no need to switch the fence off and leaving it off can be a problem. Please do not switch it off unless there is an extreme need to do so.

As well as lessons and hacks we have extensive facilities for providing DIY livery for your own horse.

We also do short-term liveries if you wish to holiday in the area or are moving your horse from one location to another. We have a local vet and farrier who you can use, and we will be happy to advise if there are any problems that occur with your horse.

All of the facilities are available for use from the event jumps to both the indoor and outdoor schools. If you just want to explore the area there is usually someone on hand to show you the various routes.

If you want to arrange livery for your horse or pony for whatever type or length of time, please see our contact details.

Water Butt

As people may have seen we have a new water butt to catch the rainwater from the office block. Please would all liveries use this water rather than from the tap to wash their horses etc. It is quite clean — it comes from the sky so it should be :-)


All farms suffer from a greater or lesser problem with Ragwort. We pride ourselves on keeping the farm as free of ragwort as we can (especially in the pastures) but it has seemed, at times, an endless task. Please help us by letting us know if you see any. If you want to get rid of it there is a special fork in the feed shed. But wear gloves and dispose of it by burning etc. (off the farm please).

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B & B
If you are staying for only a short time (passing through or on holiday here), we may be able to help and suggest some local Bed and Breakfast accommodation for you.
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