Guinness Park Farm News from Guinness Park Farm RidingenCopyrght 2006 Guinness Park FarmHalf Term Eventsevents.html 10/18/2018 RDA SiteThe Malvern Hills RDA group that meets at Guinness Park Farm now has its own site. 07/19/2011 Electric FencePeople have been switching the electric fence and not switching it back on. There is no need to switch the fence off and leaving it off can be a problem. Please do not switch it off unless there is an extreme need to do so.liveries.html 06/01/2009 Outdoor SchoolPlease would users of the outdoor school clear away the fences and poles to the outside when you have finished riding.outdoorSchool.html 03/26/2006 Help leading beginnersPlease be prepared to help lead your child if necessary.faq.html 11/21/2006 Body ProtectorsA small reminder about body protectors.faq.html#wear 09/12/2006